Benjamin Philip
CEO Teeshoppen

Our showroom in Aalborg is open 11 hours a day, and at any point in time where it is unmanned, we made sure that our customers feel well-received. They are being made aware of our great offers with the help of Smartpoints from Yodaway, which can see them and ”talk” to them.

Yodaway are firstmovers in the area and the pioneering spirit can be noticed in the collaboration, so that it adds value for Teeshoppen and not least, for our lovely customers.
Brief about data and data collection

You can learn more about your costumers, their preferences and demographic data.

Do you want to measure the number of unique people passing by at certain times? Or do you want to find out which target group is your primary and secondary audience?

Smartpoint devices from Yodaway see if passers-by are men or women and what age group they belong to. Smartpoint is ideal for:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer segmentation
  • Employee surveys

All data is delivered in an easily understandable report adapted to your business, and we review the report with you. Reporting is done on a monthly basis by default.

We follow the Data Inspectorate’s regulations in cooperation with the law firm HjulmandKaptain in Aalborg.

Multiple apps in one solution
Demographic data


Commercials & Information


Customer satisfaction surveys
(Smiley App)


Find your way around the building


Collection of
email/phone number




Ordering app for
meeting rooms, satellite bar, etc.


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    Demographic data

    Get to know your customers. Find out the number of unique people, their gender, age group and arrival time.

    • Who is visiting your store?
    • What is your customers’ age group?
    • Who comes to checkout?
    • Who goes down the back of your shop?
    • Why do customers move around as they do?

    Target your marketing based on the data collected. Then you can gain insight into the impact of your targeted marketing. Demographics are about people. More specifically, the people who visit your business.

    Intelligent Commercials & Information

    Optimize your store with interacting signs and advertisements. Get an eye-catcher that activates when a person walks in front of the sign or advertisement.
    There are several options with the intelligent device:

    • Welcome guests automatically
    • Give customers information automatically
    • Measure the amount of individual visitors that interact with the message.

    Your customer’s attention is captured by graphics – images and video – as well as the device “speaks up”. Once installed, Yodaway can collect demographic data on behalf of your business.

    Customer satisfaction surveys with the smiley app

    Get insight into your customers’ opinion with the Yodaway smiley app. Do you not know if your customer is satisfied when shopping in your store? We help with:

    • Measuring satisfaction in various target groups
    • Getting the customers’ honest opinions
    • Reporting changes to customer satisfaction

    Once the device is set up, it speaks to passing customers. The device can be installed differently, but can say e.g., “Hey, how are you …?” Based on the customer’s response, the unit is able to sort unique voices in relation to gender, age group and time of visit. That way, you can easily get to know your customers.

    Find your way with Wayfinder

    Get a simple, efficient and flexible guide to any situation in your business. Wayfinder is a device that helps customers and guests to find their way around your company. The device is a user-friendly and effective gimmick that speaks and helps us humans. Install a device in your company or store.

    • Smartpoint says “hi, where are you going?” When a person is registered in front of the unit. Then you can tap the location you are looking for and have the route illustrated and described.

    Wayfinder can show the way to an open house event one day and the meeting room the next day. This means that the device is not locked and you can easily change the route settings.

    Get your customers' e-mails and phone number

    Collect your customers’ contact information and get the opportunity to contact them with advertisements, offers and news. Visitors and guests can enter their email and / or phone number directly on the device.

    • Collect emails for your newsletter, NPS score or similar.
    • Register phone numbers and send an SMS with questionnaires or evaluation links.
    • It is also possible to make postcode entry in connection with segmentation surveys.

    You can also measure the number of individual men / women, their age group and the time of entry. All the while you get the above information.

    Check-in device

    Get a simple, efficient and flexible check-in device in your store or business. The check-in unit helps your guests or customers get assistance. That way, you save time for an employee while giving visitors in your business a modern and practical experience. Here’s how to do with a check-in unit from Yodaway:

    • When a guest enters, the Smartpoint device asks “Hi, who are you going to talk to?”
    • On the screen, choose the person you wish to talk to.
    • Then the person is automatically notified via SMS or e-mail.

    The check-in device can be installed differently according to days, locations or situations, so the information is always up to date for the customer being met by the check-in unit.

    Unmanned ordering and service

    Increase your sales without hiring an additional employee. Get opportunities for sales and service directly from a Yodaway unit. You get these opportunities:

    • The “Order It” app shows your best-selling products and allows for quick ordering.
    • The order is automatically sent to the employees wherever they are, so they can quickly deliver products with a smile.
    • Easy and flexible solution for meeting rooms, ordering water drinks or technician can be done without interrupting the meeting.

    This application can handle all languages ​​and currencies. The various options can be adapted to the individual customers.

    Get 3 free tips about how you can optimize your business with Smartpoint

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      Before and after
      Your business Before Smartpoint
      No overview of who your costumers are
      Missing insight in your costumers' behaviour
      Little to no knowledge of customer satisfaction levels
      Time wasted on data collection via manual processes
      Unnecessarily expensive manual procedures in sale and service
      Long waiting times until an employee can receive a guest
      Confused customers that may not be able to find the right locations
      Your business After Smartpoint
      Great overview of who your customers are
      Demographic data on individual visitors
      Great insight into customer behaviour
      Intelligent commercials and information
      Great knowledge about your customers' satisfaction
      Measure satisfaction based on gender, age and time of day
      Quick and effective data collection
      Collection of E-mail and phone numbers
      Cheap and automated procedures in sales and service
      Unmanned ordering / Requesting service