Do you want to get to know your customers and provide better service? We help companies and shops understand their customers. The technology behind the SmartPoint solution gives you the opportunity to enhance your procedures, routines and service, based on real-time data. It’s easy, flexible and smart.

As a company, it is important to know how your customers think and behave. Through artificial intelligence, we measure your customers’ behavior, provide them with service in your physical store and market your business.

You get a professional report of all the collected data, so you understand your business better.


by choosing Yodaway

Our products are easy to set up in stores. They just need a power outlet.
We are the first-mover in our industry. We believe in a bright future for physical stores.
We collect large amounts of data legally as we are of course GDPR approved.
We advocate credibility and seek to build a long-term relationship with our partners.

Do you need unique marketing for your business? Our Sanbot robot creates awareness and can be used in your shop, at conferences or in the office. Only the imagination sets limits to where Sanbot can live.

As a company, it is always good to stand out in relation to the competitors. We can help you with this! By investing in a Sanbot you get many opportunities to create interest in your business.

Whether you’re running a service business, a manufacturing company, or a retail business, Sanbot will put a smile on the faces of your visitors.


The blog brings you news, trends, as well as our own experiences with the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life. Right now we are working to bring the physical stores the kind of data that online stores had for the past 10 years.

The vision behind the concept

Smartpoint Yodaway is a new company that consists of experienced people from the Aalborg area. The mission is to collect and use data from the physical world to make better decisions in the operation of physical shops. There are many challenges, such as the solution must be easy and clear. It must not take time …

About us

Yodaway generates digital data from the physical world. We believe in the value of physical shopping and interaction between people, by combining people and technology to improve customer experiences and sales.

We use AI to create engaging products which improve the customer experience using data.

Our technology is based on our own artificial intelligence models. Using our AI models, we provide satisfaction surveys, demographic insights, innovative service experiences and marketing.



We want to create the absolute best customer experience in the physical world using cutting-edge technology.


We believe in strong and long-lasting relationships between people.

Contact us
Do you need more information? You are always welcome to ask us questions or send a request via the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Meawhile, you can follow us on our social media.