The vision behind the concept


Yodaway is a new company that consists of experienced people from the Aalborg area. The mission is to collect and use data from the physical world to make better decisions in the operation of physical shops.

There are many challenges, such as the solution must be easy and clear. It must not take time to install or for the staff to use. Data responsibility must be firmly placed with us and our reports must be able to be translated into practice from day 1.

Retail is an obvious segment for us, e.g. because there are not many tools that measure customer flow based on gender, age and time of arrival. Our artificial intelligence model also calculates if a person has been seen before, thus it is possible to measure the number of visitors as well as actual buyers at the register.

Herein lies the possibility of defining and measuring its target groups over time, as well as the conversion rate, i.e. how many visitors end up buying at the checkout. At what point during the day do most sales happen? How are they distributed by age and gender? Who is at work when we sell the most?

This allows management to compare stores using data and optimize staff if the conversion is low at certain times in some stores. Rewarding staff is of course also highly relevant, and both optimization and reward can help increase the bottom line.

Quite practically, a Smartpoint device will be around the entrance in the store and analyze visitors. The device only needs a power outlet and we can manage the rest. The report is delivered every month, and we are happy to review it and make suggestions for further action. Our success is directly linked to our customers’ success.


Our artificial intelligence solution (Smartpoint) is also used on our social robots, which we have great experience in selling and servicing in the Danish market. Our references, among others, include:

Danfoss – HjulmandKaptain – BDO Revision – Nordisk Film – Siemens – Faust Dyrbye – Radisson Hotel Aalborg – Det Nationale Videnscenter for Velfærdsteknologi – Aarhus Kommune – Roskilde HTX – Erhvervsakademi Dania – EUC Nordvest – NKT – Dansk Revision – Dansk Industri – Waves – Vordingborg Fri Fagskole – Business Aalborg –

Some companies rent robots for fairs and events only because of the large amount of attention they draw. Sanbot is the first robot in Denmark to actually bid people welcome or accept their order.

The Smartpoint app uses its artificial intelligence model (AI) in the background, which means that other applications can run on the screen at the same time. Smartpoint is therefore a very flexible tool. The robot uses Smartpoint to perform multiple tasks. I.E:

– Welcome and / or provide information
– Wayfinding
– Check-in
– Ordering drinks, snacks or something else
– Exit Poll with smileys
– Dance with volume and light show
– Running around with commercials

The robot can also be remotely controlled via smartphone while these applications are running. We have come a long way with Sanbot since we started developing the software. Currently, we have the most mature solution on the market. I.E. Our customers log in through the website and build their own welcome, exit polls, menu for orders and more. It takes approx. 60 seconds to make a welcome.

Next step

We must work to make the benefits of Smartpoint known and accessible to everyone. Several stores have indicated their interest and we have gone into the field with the solution, that is, the data collection has begun.